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Roger has carefully prepared a comprehensive weight loss video library outlining the program he researched and developed, with short and easy to follow videos. There is a method to each and every video!

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Things to Consider:

Visit Your Doctor

We’re developing new eating habits. You will need to visit your physician to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo a change in your diet.

Have a Goal

You need to set a goal, gather the items from the shopping list we provide you and get started. There’s no better time than today!

Are You Ready?
You need to be ready to make some changes in your life to lose weight. Roger tried 20+ years, but in reality he wasn't really ready until he just got sick and tired of being fat. YOU HAVE TO BE READY!

Watch ALL the Videos

You’ll need to watch all the videos on our Channel and stay active through the Subscriber forum and weekly emails. Any questions and concerns you may have will be answered in the Channel videos, forum or e-mails.

Real Food

We will show you how to eat REAL food that tastes great, and it's food you can buy at your local grocery store. Simply eat the food you like within the guidelines of the shopping list we provide you.

The "No's"

If you follow what Roger did to lose the weight there will be NO pills, NO exercise (will make sense why after you watch that video), NO starving yourself, and NO eating bland food.

You Have Nothing to Lose. Besides Weight.

WEIGHT LOSS COACHING DISCLAIMER: We provide knowledge and inspiration we believe you may benefit from to the best of our ability, but we cannot and do not make any representations (other than Roger’s own personal testimony) or warranty with respect to the content on our site and Apps. Use of our information is at your own risk. We do not treat, cure, diagnose, or prescribe for any disease or condition. Please talk with your Physician before beginning any weight loss regimen. Roger is simply sharing exactly what he did to meet his weight loss goal. Individual results can vary. By becoming a Subscriber you are agreeing to these terms.


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