1. Hot Weather Hog Hunting

Roger Raglin hunts wild hogs in the dead of summer. He also takes 2 special diabetes patients on their first hog hunts. Premiered 7/2/19

2. Bowhunting Black Bears-Pt 1

Roger Raglin travel to New Brunswick to bow hunt for black bears. He shoots a nice bear the third day of his hunt. Premiered 7/9/19

3. Bowhunting Black Bears-Pt 2

Roger Raglin continues his hunt in New Brunswick and after shooting one nice bear arrows a huge bear the last evening of his hunt. Premiered 7/16/19

4. Bowhunting Mountain Whitetails

Roger Raglin travels to southern West Virginia and gives you a quick rundown on how to bow hunt for mountain whitetails. Premiered 7/23/19

5. Back at Huselby Creek Whitetails

Roger Raglin returns for the 12th year in a row to hunt in northern Texas at Huselby Creek Outfitters. Premiered 7/30/19

6. 1st Weekend of the Missouri Rifle

Roger Raglin is back in northern Missouri for the opening of rifle season. Several nice bucks get taken including the buck of a lifetime for one cancer free hunter. Premiered 8/6/19

7. Roger Bags a Giant Buck in MO

Roger Raglin beats the odds and gets a crack at a giant whitetail buck the last day of his hunt. It's the most incredible hunt of the entire season. Premiered 8/13/19

8. The Jinx Gets Broken in Nebraska

Roger Raglin finally breaks the jinx on shooting a buck in the Cornhusker State. Premiered 8/20/19

9. The Bergara Rifle Experience

Roger Raglin travels to South Texas and shoots a huge Whitetail to boot. Premiered 8/27/19

10. The Annual Wounded Soldiers Pt.1

Roger Raglin is below the border in Mexico to help four wheel chair veterans shoot the biggest bucks of their lives. Roger also shoots 2 nice bucks. Premiered 9/3/19

11. The Annual Wounded Soldiers Pt.2

Roger Raglin is below the border in Mexico to give a group of veterans the whitetail deer hunt of a lifetime. Roger also shoots 2 nice bucks. Premiered 9/10/19

12. Bowhunting on the Frijolia Ranch

Roger Raglin joins up with his old friend, Jason Mims at the Frijolia Ranch in South Texas. Roger and Josh Raglin both bow kill 2 great bucks. Premiered 9/17/19

13. Tote a Kid Hunting

Roger Raglin takes his 6 and 9 year old grandsons on their first deer hunt ever and it's a memorable experience to say the least. Premiered 9/24/19

2019 Show Open

What Fans Have to Say:

Mr. Raglin sir you have been an inspiration to me for many years

- Brian K.

I've used Roger's tips from the show for many, many years!

- Richard S.

Love your videos.... if I wanna get pumped up for the upcoming deer season I just turn on any of your videos! - Adam R.

I use the Roger Raglin scent products!! Best products I have ever brought to the woods with me. Great products! I Have been a lifetime fan of the show! I look forward to each episode!! Thanks Roger! - Drew R.

Roger's knowledge that I've used over the years to help put myself in the best hunting situation! - Brian B.

I've been watching Roger's videos since I was 14...I'm 41 now. Would love to meet Roger. Jiminy Christmas! - Cory G.

I love Roger's knowledge of hunting whitetail bucks. All his videos, I love the old ones the best, I have them all. - Ron B.

The reason I watch the show is because I love Roger. He knows the way, he is hilarious, and is love his excitement! - Nathan H.